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Minnesota Sustainable Design Guide

The Minnesota Sustainable Design Guide is a design tool that can be used to set sustainable design priorities and goals; develop appropriate sustainable design strategies for a particular project; and to determine performance measures to guide the design and decision-making process. It can also be used as a management tool to organize and structure environmental concerns during design, construction, and operations phases. (www.msdg.umn.edu)

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Project: Minnesota Sustainable Design Guide
Principal Investigators: John Carmody, Mary Guzowski
Research Team: Sarah Birtles, Dee Ginther, Denise Guerin, Bob Gunderson, Rebecca Foss, Kerry Haglund, Virajita Singh, Steve Weeks
Sponsor: Hennepin County, Office of Environmental Asssistance, Design Institute
Status: Complete 2001
Web Site: www.msdg.umn.edu


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