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Minnesota Green Affordable Housing Guide

The Guide is a web-based resource to assist designers, contractors, and housing agencies integrate affordability and sustainability for cold climate housing. The design tool is intended for new affordable housing construction; however, it is also a valuable resource for integrating cost effective sustainable design strategies in all new residential construction. It includes comparative analyses of house size and configuration to evaluate the costs, environmental impacts, and energy performance of construction components, assemblies, and systems.

Project: Minnesota Green Affordable Housing Guide
Principal Investigators: John Carmody, Director, CSBR
Mary Guzowski, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture
Project Manager: William Weber, Research Fellow, CSBR
Project Team: Rebecca Foss, Research Fellow, CSBR
Kerry Haglund, Research Fellow, CSBR
Mindy Michael, Research Assistant
Advisors: Erin Barnes-Driscoll, Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance
Rosemary Dolata, LHB
Pat Huelman, Director, Cold Climate Housing Program, University of Minnesota
John Klockmann, Chair, Affordable Housing Task Force, American Institute of Architects National Committee
Tom Schirber, Community Housing Liason
Jim Solem, Senior Researcher, Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, University of Minnesota
Sponsors: Amherst H. Wilder Foundation
Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance
Greater Minnesota Housing Fund
Department of Architecture, University of Minnesota
Status: Complete
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