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Minnesota Sustainable Housing Initiative (MNSHI)


Funded by a generous grant from the McKnight Foundation, this ongoing project provides ecological education as well as substantive support for greening Minnesota's affordable housing via a rich web site. The site provides detailed information on a variety of environmental topic areas, support for developers and designers working with the Green Communities Criteria, and information about special projects and case studies. As the site expands, it will include more information about best practices, specific processes and building assemblies and scales, and potentially support for other green rating systems and guidelines.


Project: Minnesota Sustainable Housing Initiative
Principal Investigators:  John Carmody and William Weber
Project Team: Rachel Hilvert (Research Fellow); Kerry Haglund (Research Fellow); Rolf Jacobson (RA); Malea Jochim (RA); Patrick Smith (RA)
Project Partners: Minnesota Housing, Greater Minnesota Housing Fund, Family Housing Fund, AEON, Hope Communities, Southwest Minnesota Housing Partnership
Sponsor: McKnight Foundation
Status: December 2006-December 2008, January 2009-December 2010
Web Site: www.mnshi.umn.edu


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