Current courses series offered:

Fall 2017 Series: Understanding POEs, Designing with Plug Loads, and Accelerate Performance






Previous courses offered:

B3 Guidelines 3.0 Material Guildelines Revisions


In the spring of 2014, CSBR started the SB 2030 Professional Educational Series.  The SB 2030 Professional Educational Series helps design professionals create buildings that meet the ambitious energy efficiency goals of SB2030. The sessions offer strategies to reach 70% reduction in fossil fuel greenhouse gas emissions, giving design professionals the knowledge and leverage to create next-generation, super-efficient buildings—and provide firms with the skills that will set them apart in the marketplace. During the SB 2030 series, a special emphasis where appropriate will be place on the means of compliance with the State of Minnesota: Sustainable Building 2030.  In addition to the entire series, a new module will be create to assist the design professional to assist building owners to strive to meet higher and higher energy conservation goals. Currently the Professional Educational Series is offered in the fall and spring of each year in a series of three 4-hour sessions. Richard Strong is the coordinator of the education programs. CSBR employs local as well as national experts in the field of energy efficiency.


CSBR Lead: Richard Strong