B3 Guidelines and Sustainable Building 2030


The B3 tools and programs are designed to help make buildings more energy efficient and sustainable. The B3 Guidelines, Sustainable Building 2030 Energy Standard and related tools form a connected network of performance standards and measures intended to support sustainable design as a means to reduce energy expenditures, enhance the health, well-being and productivity of the building occupants, and improve the quality of the natural environment. All of these can contribute to high-performance buildings with lower life cycle costs. To move toward ensuring these outcomes, the guidelines attempt to quantify the human, community, environmental, and life-cycle economic costs and benefits for each project. The B3 Guidelines and the SB 2030 Energy Standard are requirements for State of Minnesota General Obligation Bond Funded projects and set standards and track the performance of a project from early design through operation.


CSBR Lead / Co-leads:

Richard Graves

Pat Smith

Rich Strong


Project Partners:

Center for Energy and Environment


Herzog/Wheel & Associates LLP

The Weidt Group


Funding by:

Department of Commerce, State of Minnesota

Department of Administration, State of Minnesota