SB 2030 Enegery Efficient Operations Manual


The B3 / SB 2030 Energy Efficient Operations Manual (B3 EEOM) is founded on the notion that a building is operating efficiently only if each significant energy consuming device or system uses only as much energy as needed to perform its intended function.

It is well-documented that most energy-consuming devices can use more energy than is necessary to perform their intended function, and that this energy waste can (and often does) go undetected.


The approach deployed in the B3 EEOM is to accept that the avoidance of excess energy waste through preventative maintenance is not practical. The focus is instead upon devising and scheduling the performance of inexpensive diagnostic tasks that will ensure that any significant energy-wasting malfunction will be detected soon after it occurs.  The EEOM has been developed as a web application to enable its use by the widest possible population of facility managers.



CSBR Lead / Co-leaders:

Project Lead: Garrett Mosiman


Herzog/Wheeler Associates:

Peter Herzog


Center for Energy and Environment:

Russ Landry

Tim Ellingson


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