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Design for Community Resilience

Design for Community Resilience (DCR) is a program/service within the Center for Sustainable Building Research that transforms civic challenges into sustainable opportunities through design. DCR works with communities across Minnesota to solve pressing problems (issues that encompass social, economic, and environmental factors) through sustainable place-based solutions.

Working with communities, local governments, non-profits and other organizations research staff from CSBR and students from the College of Design work to address pressing problems while turning them into opportunities to make sustainable decisions for the community’s, organization’s and the planet’s future. Our guiding principles for this work are:

• Integrated solutions that address a variety of issues and scales based in the state-of-the art sustainability research

• Holistic and dynamic problem solving

• Broad-based definition of sustainability that includes economic, social and environmental dimensions

• Grassroots, user-focused approach

• Working within our client’s economic constraints

• An approach that goes from big picture to carefully addressing the details