Deep Winter Greenhouse



Since 2013, the CSBR has partnered with the U of MN Renewable Sustainable Development Partnerships to research, design, and prototype Deep Winter Greenhouses (DWG’s). They are designed to capture solar heat and store it in a large thermal mass to stabilize temperatures to grow fresh food in Minnesota in the wintertime and to reduce dependency on fossil fuel heat sources. An airtight and well insulated enclosure is coupled with a steep glazing wall and a large rock bed thermal mass to control interior temperatures.


Research and design took place on the first prototype 2014-2016, and as of fall 2016, construction has begun on the first of five that will built statewide for testing.


CSBR Lead: Dan Handeen

CSBR collaborators: Virajita Singh

Partners: U of MN Extension Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships’ Local Foods and Sustainable Agriculture Program


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