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Minnesota Sustainable Housing Initiative, Case Studies


Project summary:

The Minnesota Sustainable Housing Initiative (MNSHI) is a web-based portal for information and research conducted by the Center for Sustainable Building Research, with funding provided by the McKnight Foundation.  It aims to inform and support the creation of affordable, healthy, durable, and resource and energy efficient homes throughout the state and region.


The case study portion of this work was begun in 2012, with a half dozen new projects added in late 2015.  Case studies are a key method of sharing lessons learned from the field. The case studies highlighted on the MNSHI website are drawn from exemplary single family and multifamily residential projects around the region and the world. They are organized into two project categories. The first group, New Construction and Substantial Renovation concentrates on developer-driven projects using a sustainability framework such as Green Communities, LEED, or Passive House.  The second group, Retrofit and Limited Renovation examines projects undertaken between major reinvestment and recapitalization. 

CSBR Lead / Co-leaders:

Billy Weber

Other CSBR staff:

Rolf Jacobson

McKnight Foundation

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