Ground Source Heat Pump Study

The Minnesota Department of Commerce funded a three-year research study to characterize the performance of ground source heat pumps in Minnesota.  Thirty seven houses from across the state were enrolled in the program.  Extensive monitoring of critical system performance parameters was conducted for a period of two years.  These data were used to identify in situ performance of the various systems in heating mode and cooling mode.  A selection of representative coefficients of performance (25th percentile, median, 75th percentile) were then entered into energy models and compared to the performance of conventional gas-fired furnaces and air conditioners to measure relative energy and carbon emissions performance in eight house configurations.  These houses differed in size and enclosure thermal performance to simulate the range of house types represented in the monitored houses. The study is complete, report publication pending by MN Department of Commerce.


CSBR Lead / Co-leaders

Garrett Mosiman, Researcher

Other CSBR staff

Rolf Jacobsen, Researcher

Juyong Shin, Research Assistant

Other Partners, identified by name and/or organization

Cold Climate Housing Center

Pat Huelman, PI

Tom Schirber

Mike Lebeau

System One